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Daniel Brooks, Building Official

300 George Street · Harrison, Ohio 45030
513.202.8494 Phone
513.367.3592 Fax
Contact:  sschlagbaum@harrisonohio.gov

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

 Steve Schlagbaum, Zoning Administrator, sschlagbaum@harrisonohio.gov

Joe Schmitz, Building Inspector 513-202-8488


what we do and why



The City of Harrison Building Department is a part time, contract department. The hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. You can find us at the Harrison Community Center, 300 George Street. There are seven persons who are directly involved in the operations of the Department, two of whom, Steve Schlagbaum and Joett Greiwe, can be found at our offices on the days of operation. Or, you can reach us on-line at harrisonohio.gov/building department


The responsibilities of the Department are numerous and varied. These includes the interpretation of and enforcement of ALL zoning codes including signage, act as staff for both Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, review all plans submitted for permits, issue permits and Certificates of Occupancy, perform all building inspections, enforce property maintenance codes and provide assistance in the Planning process for the future growth of the City. We pride ourselves in the professional and efficient manner in which we administer these duties and are always willing and anxious to assist both the private and corporate citizens alike in their acquisition of information and permits.


The zoning and planning of a City results in the creation of the atmosphere and environment in which all citizens exist. We believe that existence should be in safe, clean and harmonious neighborhoods. We do what we do because we have been given the responsibility to, to the best of our ability, help the City achieve these goals. Harrison is a community with unlimited potential whose only limitation is its own imagination. It is our job to help the people of Harrison both foster that imagination and assist in making their dreams, no matter how big or small, come true within the limits prescribed by the code.         



 The following require a BUILDING or ZONING Application, Review, Approval and Certificate:   

New Construction  

     Commercial Building Application     Residential Building Application      Zoning Application

     Commercial Instructions                Residential Instructions    


    Commercial Building Application      Residential Building Application       Zoning Application

    Commercial Instructions                 Residential Instructions                     


    Commercial Building Application     Residential Building Application       no zoning required 

    Commercial Instructions                Residential Instructions              


    Commercial Building Application        Residential Building Application       Zoning Application  


Shed (over 120 Sq. Ft.)

    Commercial Building Application       Residential Building Application       Zoning Application 


Shed (under 120 Sq. Ft.) 

    no building required       Zoning Application



    Building Application        Zoning Application  


Swimming Pool 

     Building Application    Zoning Application      



    no building required     Zoning Application  


Signs (Permanent)

    Building Application      Zoning Application     


Signs (Temporary) 

    no building required    Zoning Application      


Driveway - Building App only needed for Apron 

    Commercial Building Application        Residential Building Application     Zoning Application 


Parking Lots - New Construction  (4 sets of Civil Engineering Drawings with application)

     Commercial Building Application        Residential Building Application        Zoning Application 


     Commercial Building Application        Residential Building Application        no zoning required   


Fire Alarm/Sprinkler

    Commercial Building Application        no zoning required                  


Retaining Wall 

     Commercial Building Application         Residential Building Application        Zoning Application 


Day Care 

     Commercial Building Application         Zoning Application 



    Contact the Hamilton County Plumbing Division of the Board of Health. Telephone 513.326.4541  



    Contact Inspection Bureau, Inc. (I.B.I.). Telephone 513.381.6080



Board of Zoning Appeals Variance Application

Application for Zoning and Use Approval (Change of Occupancy)

Application for Conditional Use

Application for Zoning Map Amendment






The City of Harrison Building Code regulates one, two, and three family construction and accessory structures (i.e. fences, walls, sheds, pools, mechanical replacement, and garages), as well as all non-residential structures and mechanical systems.  The purpose of this code is to provide minimum standards in the form of basic and uniform regulations relating to safety, sanitation, and conservation of energy. Inspections: It is the owner's responsibility to call the Building Department to arrange for the necessary inspections for a given project. A twenty-four (24) hour notice is required for any given inspection. The following inspections are mandatory for a given construction project:

To schedule a building inspection call 513-202-8488,  Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.  Building Inspections must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.  Please see instructions in the list above for required inspections on your project.


The City of Harrison follows the Ohio Building Code and the Residential Building Code for the State of Ohio.  It is the applicant's responsibility to verify the project complies to the most current code.

The following links are for reference only:

Ohio Building Code


Residential Building Code



Zoning Code Regulations are in accordance with a comprehensive community plan for the purpose of promoting public health, safety and welfare, and to encourage the most appropriate uses of land throughout the City. We also seek to foster well balanced development, protect property values, and reduce or resolve conflicts of interest. Items under Zoning jurisdiction include (but not limited to): Lot Uses, Lot Integrity, Yard Dimensions, Right of Way, Height, and Square Footage.  

CHAPTER 1133 Title, Interpretation and Enactment 

CHAPTER 1135 Definitions

CHAPTER 1139 Establishment of Zoning Districts and Provisions for the Official District Map 

CHAPTER 1143 Zoning Use Districts 

CHAPTER 1147 Supplementary District Regulations 

CHAPTER 1151 Telecommunications Antenna, Tower and Site Regulations 

CHAPTER 1155 Non-Conforming Uses 

CHAPTER 1159 Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements 

CHAPTER 1163 Signs 

CHAPTER 1167 Landscaping 

CHAPTER 1171 Administration 

CHAPTER 1173 Fees and Costs 

CHAPTER 1175 Enforcement 

CHAPTER 1179 Appeals, Variances, and Conditional Use Permits 

CHAPTER 1183 Amendments


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