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Maintaining Healthy Grass After A Drought

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A drought can have terrible consequences for grass. If you have always depended on rain for your grass to remain green, a period of drought can mean that the lawn will begin to have some brown patches and your grass will look unhealthy. There are some steps that you can take to ensure that your grass goes back to the beautiful green outlook after the drought.


What this means is that you need to make some holes in the ground so that your grass can get some moisture from the soil. Since the grass will not be getting enough moisture from above due to the dry air, the soil is the only option for water. The holes that you dig in the ground will be able to get enough moisture to the roots of your grass.If you do not know how to go about the whole aeration process, you can ask a professional to help you out.


Thatch is the layer of dead grass that is usually above the healthy grass. In other cases, leaving the thatch there will provide nutrition for the rest of the grass as the thatch rots. However, after drought, de-thatching is important because it allows the grass to get any moisture that may be getting to the ground. The dead grass will absorb any dew and leave the grass dry. This is why de-thatching is advised after a drought.

Fertilize The Grass

You need to keep the grass healthy because the drought most probably left it very weak. Fertilizing it is a great way to ensure that this is the case. You can choose a natural fertilizer if you are worried about chemical fertilizer. Ensure you follow the instructions. Overdoing it will cause weeds to grow in huge numbers and this will affect the rate of growth for the healthy grass.

Cut Out The Weeds

It is also important that you ensure the weeds do not get the little moisture that is being provided to the grass after the drought is over. Most weeds are stronger than the grass especially since it was affected by the drought so they will suck up any nutrition that the grass needs. Killing the weeds will ensure that your grass does not have to compete for nutrients and moisture with the weeds.

Water The Lawn

Your grass will need more water after a drought to get back to healthy grass. It is important to ensure that you water the lawn in the morning and evening so that the soil retains the water at night. Watering it in the morning will ensure that it does not feel too much sun during the day. Ensure that you continue watering it until it returns to normal. If you neglect to do this, the grass might develop brown thatches in some areas.

In addition to all these, ensure that you do regular lawn maintenance. Cut the grass when it gets too long by using a mower with sharp blades. These prevent the grass from being ripped by blunt blades. Get to know more at http://discoverziehler.com/lawn-care-springboro

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