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Enjoy The Wonders Of Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Origins

The very name of Costa Rica – the ‘Rich Coast’ conjures up images of pristine beaches with untouched white sands and sparkling azure waters – and this image is about as close to the truth as is possible. This is a country that is blessed with great natural wealth and has become a favorite tourism destination with visitors from across the globe.

The amazing biodiversity of the country has become a draw card for those who have an interest in the unspoiled flora and fauna that make it such a fascinating place to visit. The richness of the wildlife and the amazing vistas that serve as this draw card has not escaped the notice of the government which has set aside a full quarter of the country as a protected area.

Interesting Facts and Information About Costa Rica

This is a country where the tourist can feel safe to explore these areas through hiking trails that allow for an exploration of rain forests or mountain trails and where high adrenaline activities such as white water rafting are only some of the activities that make this such a rewarding place to visit.

Costa Rica has also gained global renown as a place to enjoy some of the best surfing that is on other anywhere across the world. In fact surfing tourism has become big business in Costa Rica with thousands flocking to its beaches where incredible unspoiled waters await those who want to ride some of the greatest waves on the planet. Things To Do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica wildlife

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But it’s not only the waves that draw tourists to the wild side of this magnificent country. The rain forests and abundant wildlife are features that tour operators have made into enormous draw cards. If the waves don’t appeal than the other attractions that can be found offshore are sure to have nature lovers delighted. Snorkel with Manta Rays and Dolphins or set out from the beach for a spot of whale watching. This is a country where the wildlife and the people are ready and willing to welcome the tourist with open arms.

Costa Rica really does have it all for those who are willing to set their sights on exploration. A myriad of tour operators will tailor the holiday experience to suit the tastes of anyone who wants to explore the country – and one of the best things about Costa Rica is that the size of the country allows it to be covered in a relatively small amount of time. visit this site for more interesting facts.

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