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FPGA Market Growth Is Looking Like It Is Going To Continue To Be Strong

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To get an idea about FPGA market growth, all you have to do is look at the price of Xilinx stock. It has been rocketing up this last year or so, and that is in large part due to FPGAs. You see, there are so many uses for them. They are playing a part in home automation for sure, and that is a big deal. Home automation is a big industry these days.


Then there are the other industries where FPGAs are being prominently used. For example, think about the electronic components that make up automobiles. Since those types of components will be even more prominent as the automobile industry moves forward, you are going to see an increased demand for FPGAs.

Before we dig into other industries, does all of this add up to increased demand for several years? The Xilinx stock price was mentioned, but that is of course just one company and was also for the year 2017, which is almost over. What will happen in 2018 and over the next several years? It is kind of difficult to tell sometimes when it comes to technology.

Xilinx Engine

As for Xilinx, it’s not like the company just started its engine. Xilinx has been around for decades, and some of this technology isn’t necessarily what you might think of as new. Yes, it keeps getting reinvented, and it also keeps finding a new niche. For example, FPGA Bitcoin mining machines are even popular.

Then you also have to take into consideration the fact that FPGA makers also have defense contracts. The companies including Xilinx operate within so many different industries that you would think that the market is going to be strong for quite some time. It’s one thing to look at what is going on with automobiles. But the entire home automation industry and the Internet of Things is huge right now.

Market Growth For FPGA’s

For FPGAs to be playing a prominent role in home automation, that certainly seems like it will be a big deal. They may not be in everyone’s electronic devices, but they are used for more than meets the eye for sure. I don’t know about you, but the market growth for FPGAs looks pretty strong to me. I have mentioned in other articles I’ve written that FPGAs have been intriguing to me as an investor. I am not going to open a position investing in any companies right now that make FPGAs, but I do see the potential. For more information¬†click here and get all updates of

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