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Business Opportunities in Harrison Ohio

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Harrison is a city situated in Hamilton County. In 1810, this town was named in recognition of Henry Harrison who was both a state legislator and decorated general and ended up becoming the ninth president of the United States. In 1850, Harrison township previously a constituent of Crosby township was established. Among the historical places in this city’s location is the eighteen-mile house constructed during the nineteenth century early years. From the 2013 census, the city had a population of ten thousand two hundred and ninety-two inhabitants. That said below are some of the business opportunities to start in this town.

Childcare center

It’s easy to start a child care centre as long as you have a conducive safe space for children. If you do not have money to lease a place you may consider starting a babysitting service, where you’ll need to go to resident’s homes and take care of their children when they are not around.

Fashion store for women

The town is full of fashionable women, meaning you may make an excellent profit from selling women’s shoes, bags, clothes and accessories. You’ll only need to ensure you’ve stocked good and trendy stuff.

Auto repair

Starting an auto repair shop does not require an engineering degree. Thus you won’t need training for it. This is because you may always employ people to administer for you. However, to prevent your business from folding up when staff leaves, it is advisable, you learn how to mend vehicles.


It’s only reasonable for residents to want to unwind and hang out with friends after a day’s work. Weekends also present the time when they can entertain themselves and relax. Thus it will be a good business idea to start a nightclub. Furthermore, you may consider attaching your business’s beer brewing to it to generate more money.


Many profitable businesses can be started in Harrison Ohio. But when searching for one, the most vital thing will be for you to sit down and think of a lacking requirement in a particular area and start a business that will assist you in meeting that demand.

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