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Current Elected Officials in Harrison Ohio

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Harrison is a beautiful city outlined in 1823 in honor of the 9th president of the United States William Henry Harrison.Just above 10000 residents live in this charter city following the constitution of state of Ohio and has a steady and strong Mayor system of government.The mayor and the City council of 7 members serve the city for 4 years in a staggered manner.All the members of the Council are elected for Overlying period of 4 years,with an Election held every 2 years.The mayor is also elected for 4 years and is the President of Council and Chair all the Council Meetings.If you happen to live in the City or may visit in near future here is the list of Current Elected Officials in Harrison Ohio.

City Council Members:
1. Ray Acra: He is one of the most experienced Council member and has 23 years experience in Hamilton County Recorder office and Hamilton County auditors Office.He is the owner of whitewater river trading post and also a licensed Real Estate agent in Sibsy Cline.He has done is College from the Hondros College and has been a life long resident of Harrison Ohio.

2. Ryan Grubbs: He is the Man of Versatile Job experiences and has served on several Committees of council such as police,fire,civil defense,recreation,Economic development,finances,Utilities and law.Currently,he is working as Commercial bank officer at a US bank and has Completed his Education from Ohio State University.

3. Mark Louis: He has been serving the residents of Harrison as a city councilman From 2012.He has been very active in the community services and has served in the Following Commitees such as Police,Fire,Finance,Civil defense,Safety and Health care Department.He is a lifetime resident of “west side” and shifted to in Harrison in 2005.

4. Hank Menninger: He is one of the senior most Council member of Harrison,a attorney and a certified Practitioner in both Courts of Ohio and Kentucky.He is also the former planning commission member of Harrison from 1978-1981.He also works at the Board of Zoning Appeal since 1999.He is very well educated and done his Graduation from Northern Kentucky University,J.D.He is a honorable member of Ohio State Bar association and has served in many communities and Social Organisations such as Board of Advisers of Cincinnati Reds Community Funds,Honor Order of Kentucky Colonels and Many more.

5. Cindy Abrams: She is the only Lady in the city council of Harrison and was a former member of Harrison Planning Commission. She is a Pampered Chief Consultant and a former Cincinnati Police Officer from 1996-2003.She has done her education from Indiana University and is the resident of Harrison from 2001.She has some prestigious awards in her belt such as The pampered chief Excellence award in sales for continuous 9 years all around the world travelling with Pampered Chef.

6. Ethan Dole: He is One of the youngest member of the Council and was a member of Harrison boards of Zoning Appeals in 2015.Currently he is the Project Engineer at Dugan and Meyers Construction Company and did his Education from University of Cincinnati.He is a lifelong resident of Harrison and has ingrained family in the Community.He is a 7th generation community member and his family has been serving Community since 1830s.

7. Randy shank: One of the most Senior and Experienced member of the Council who has served almost every Committee of council Expecting Planning.He is the President of Shank and Company and a Certified public Accountant.

Mayor William Neyer is a Planning Commission Member and a superintendent at the South Dearborn regional sewer District.He did his Bachelor from University of Findlay Ohio.He is a Lifetime “Westsider” and has been resident of Harrison since 1994.

So,If you wish to know how things Happen in the Harrison or if you are visiting Harrison Ohio anytime soon the Above list of Current Elected Officials in Harrison Ohio will help you know the Authorities and enjoy your Stay at this Beautiful City.

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