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Government in Harrison Ohio

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The Government in Harrison Ohio is led by a Mayor who is elected into office for a 4-year term. The mayor serves as the administrative head of the city and also its chief executive officer. The Mayor is effectively the president of the Government in Harrison Ohio and presides over all the general council meetings. However, the Mayor remains a non-voting member of the council except in circumstances when there is a tie in which case the Mayor casts the deciding vote. That same voting power also applies to an acting Mayor. The current Mayor is William Neyer.

The council of the Government in Harrison Ohio is made up of seven members who are elected for a 4-year term just like the Mayor. The only difference is that the council is elected in an overlapping manner so that every two years there are elections in order to ensure continuity and transfer of skills for first time members. The council leads different city departments that make up the Government in Harrison Ohio whereby all council members chair different departments. The current council members include; Mark Louis, Hank Menninger, Randy Shank, Cindy Abrams, Ethan Dole, Ray Acra and Ryan Grubbs.

The city’s Police Department is currently led by Colonel Charles Lindsey with 20 sworn officers and 3 other personnel who are civilian. The Government in Harrison Ohio has a great Fire Department encompassing different areas of service delivery and has an impressive 49 employees. The department is led by Chief Rob Hursong and covers 44 square miles extending into Ohio and Indiana.

There are critical Boards and Commissions that service the city and as such, they include the Board of Zoning Appeals, Civil Service Commission, Income Tax Board Review, Planning Commission, Mayor’s Fund, Recreation, and Records Commission. All of these Boards and Commissions in the Government in Harrison Ohio have different seating dates and bring services closer to the people by listening, arbitrating and seeking public opinion on different issues of concern to the city dwellers.

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