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History of Harrison Ohio

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The city of Harrison in Ohio has a history as old as the American West itself. Many who came to settle in Harrison have origins in the very beginning of the United States of America and helped to pave the way for those who would come later. Overcoming hardships and taking advantage of the most up-to-date modes of transportation available, Harrison Ohio would blossom from a small settlement of a few hundred to the over 11,000 today.

The History of Harrison Ohio begins with the very end of the American Revolutionary War. Many of the first settlers were Revolutionary War veterans who came to the are looking for their own plot of land. Other settlers came to the area looking for timber to harvest that happened to be in close proximity to Ohio’s many winding rivers. This initial influx of people was small, but steady in helping to start the population.

The city of Harrison itself had its beginnings as a settlement around 1804 and gradually grew into a village by 1850. The population by that year had risen from a few families to a total number of around 940. Events within the next few decades would both strain Harrison Ohio as well as lead it into the 20th century.

In the history of Harrison Ohio, A tornado is reported to have been sighted in 1854. Direct damage to the village came during the Civil War when a group of confederate forces traveled into Ohio and subsequently raided the area before burning a bridge down to hide their retreat. If that wasn’t bad enough, a flood occurred in 1913.

While these negative events happened, the people of Harrison weathered on and the population continued to gradually rise. The first High School in Ohio outside of Cincinnati was established in the late 1800’s and a number of municipal utilities were created. The population of Harrison rose to high enough levels to officially become a city in the early 1980’s and the city now serves as a gateway between both Ohio and Indiana.

The History of Harrison Ohio serves as a microcosm of the greater American West and continues its tradition of fast transportation with a highway, an airport, and numerous canals located nearby. The population continues to grow to this day and has numerous amenities to people visiting from all around. The History of Harrison Ohio shows much of what was experienced for settlers and will continue to interest historians for decades to come.

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