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Police Service in Harrison Ohio

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Harrison city is located in Ohio, in the United States of America. Harrison became a city in 1981 after its population passed 5500 and was named after a decorated general, William Henry Harrison, who afterward become the ninth president of America. Harrison, Ohio has various attractions, such as the Newport Aquarium that people use for leisure activities. The city also has several historic sites and parks in case one needs to rest or relax. For example, Devou Park, Behringer-Crawford Museum, and Harriet Beecher Stowe House among others.

Harrison Ohio has prioritized the safety of its people hence has a well-established police service to serve the city. The police service is led by a department accredited with twenty police officers and two civilian clerks. The police service in Harrison Ohio is responsible for preserving peace, law enforcement activities, and protecting the lives and properties within the city boundaries. Police officers respond to calls for service any time of the day or night. Such services include crime prevention, apprehension of suspects, responding to traffic accidents or investigating committed crimes. The police service in Harrison Ohio has a responsibility of conducting special investigations, management and storage of records and evidence, and analyzing crime within the city.

The police service in Harrison Ohio seeks to maintain and improve good relations with its people through community policing and better communications. The service recognizes the unique and diverse contributions from the city residents, workers, and businesses that help offer a chance for a proactive method to public safety. Harrison Ohio police department has established a strong relationship with the schools in the city. Some police officers are assigned to offer safety education. For instance, a DARE police officer caters for education programs at the Harrison elementary level schools while a School Resource Officer provides such information to the senior and junior high school.

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