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History of Cincinnati Ohio

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The Cincinnati Ohio is in the U.S state of Ohio. In late 1788, was the time Cincinnati was founded by Colonel Robert Patterson, Mathias Denman, and Israel Ludlow.

Cincinnati has a good population of 298,800. The city is known to be a third largest town in Ohio, and it’s the 65th largest town in the United States. Also, the 28th largest in the metropolitan statistical area in the same.

Cincinnati was ever the city that was built on a river. First the Ohio River and second the Erie Canal. Those two rivers opened up the transport center and the fast-growing trade, with a lot of the main manufacturing ports that were in the east and south.

In the mid- 1800s, was the boom year in the Cincinnati. Due to easy access via canal network and the river the population was swelling. The city decides to trade with towns that were farther along the river in the south, in which they used the two rivers to transport their goods to the East Coast of America and the New York.

As the year 1800 ends, the Cincinnati’s history continued to be shaped well by the trade and the industry. The city was spread with wealth which helped to create monuments such as Tyler Davidson Fountain that still survive today. In the same year, Gamble and Procter, the manufacturer of the famous Ivory Soap which is widely known were located in the city. Also, other large industrial companies greatly help the city, thus enabling the city to expand boundaries.

In 1820, after its founding, the Cincinnati experienced impressive growth. The citizens were very much proud of their town, and they referred it as “The Queen of the West” or “The Queen City.”

The iconic structures on the Western Avenue like the Union Terminal and also the Bell Telephone Building on Western Avenue which is now the Museum Center of the Cincinnati have kept the downtown to grow in the right style all the way from the world war to the modern era.

The city has continued to expand its cultural areas to current. For example, in 2003 opening of the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art. Also, in 2004 National Railroad Freedom Center Underground was opened too.

The Cincinnati has a long and beautiful history compared to other cities. Also, it’s a home of various historic buildings and extraordinary landmarks such as German houses and shops, very extraordinary monuments, French Cathedrals and among many others. Today the Cincinnati has changed much compared with its history.

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